Celebrating ESKATE Day

Grab your board and ride...

Join an ESKATE group ride near you

Join a group ride near you to meet other electric skateboard riders and build a community of your own! 

Email us if you want to organize or join a ride in your area: eskate@eskateday.com

Take someone for a ride

Spread the word by taking your friends or family for a ride on your board! 

Teach them how to ride and invite them to join the community. 

Share your experience to win some prizes 

Upload pictures and videos of your day on social media! 

Include the hashtag #eskateday and share it with all of your followers. We will be giving away prizes (thanks to our sponsor, Meepo) throughout the day to some of our favorite pictures and posts.

(To be eligible for a prize and so we can verify that the picture was taken especially for ESKATE day, be sure to be doing a thumbs up👍🏼 gesture and have at least 3 riders in the photo)

Earn the chance to win 3 free boards

The organizers of the biggest three group rides get a free Meepo Board each >>> V3, Classic and Campus 2.


Make sure to take enough pictures to show that your ride was the biggest one! The winners will be selected on June 18th. 

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